I had this week all planned out. I was going to continue with my great marketing course online (loving’ it). Plus look closer at how pinterest works as a promotional tool.

Have I achieved any of these goals? No, of course not, and why not is all down to distractions. What I have learnt is working in the online and digital world its easy to be drawn off in other areas which are interesting, but not important, not a priority.

Distracted by neighbours having an emergency, questions on how to deal with html links, researching a question takes me off into another direction, the phone, emails, the washing machine. Even writing this blog post I have had to answer the door twice!

Nothing has gone to plan and you know what it’s all fine. It will happen when it happens. And although I have mastered pinterest yet, I know that I will soon. However, here are a few tips to remain focused and manage day to day distractions:

To do list: Keep it manageable and realistic, with no more than 10 items for a week. Review regularly and carry forward whats outstanding, remember to address the biggest task or challenge first.

Notifications: Turn off the notifications, in fact turn off ALL notifications on your technology, you think they are useful but they are not. Whether its news updates or your email it will disrupt your focused thought.

Email: Manage your inbox efficiently and try to check email twice or three times a day. Nothing is ever that urgent.

Phones: Put your phone on silent or let people know you need to focus on a big task or project.

Internet: Find yourself browsing, then again switch it off. Take a short break, a cup of tea or coffee to put your thought processes back on track.

Space: Make sure your work space helps you. It’s fairly quiet and you wont be distracted by family, washing machine, kettle brewing etc. This one can be difficult when you work from home but its important to have a designated space.

Self-Care: Look after yourself. Stay hydrated, take short breaks, stretch your body a little, take a walk. Make sure you look after you and your brain.


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