Managing time

My mind is very focused on time management and being productive. In fact currently I am obsessed. It’s not easy at the moment, and as I have blogged previously its very easy when working in social media, digital worlds to get distracted as there is so much to learn. Some people refer to this as butterflies. For example, you start the day deciding to focus purely on Pinterest and then spend the day looking at how SEO works, or see some useful course available, which once you sign up for it isn’t useful at all. You can spend a whole morning watching you tube videos showing you how to use plugins and widgets, most of which don’t seem to be very useful at all.

So how do you stay productive and focused? I find myself following very strict time management or time strategy rules to help me avoid this scenario. It doesn’t work all the time but does help most of the time and I am sharing my golden rules below. Yes, they are common sense, there is nothing new here but the secret is to follow-them, not just think about them. So I recommend you make sure you put theory into practice. And the one tip I use the most? Definitely blocking out your time for the day, week – this way you keep reviewing your progress and remind yourself what you should be focusing on!

I have also created a Tip Sheet Time Management to help feel free to download and share.

Pin Time Management.jpg



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