Make a difference. How a Virtual Executive Assistant will help you

So, how exactly can a Virtual Executive Assistant help you? They can make a massive difference with your business and personal life, doing everything an Executive Assistant would do and so much more.

Whether you need help with administration or specific skills, an experienced VA can tailor their knowledge to save you time and money. Having a VA means you have more time to focus on developing your business.

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Engagement is essential
One of the most time-consuming activities in a small business is setting up and running marketing and advertising campaigns. This often involves drawing help from various sources and project managing this to conclusion. If you’re using digital media to achieve this you need to allow lots of time and technical knowledge to move quickly.
Too often marketing is the most important part of your business but how can you do this and still have time to work with clients. This is where a Virtual Executive Assistant can step in. Outsourcing your VA to develop your digital marketing can make all the difference ensuring your brand profile remains high and your reputation remains strong.
A VA can take care of your blog, acknowledge the retweet, like Facebook share or love that latest pin on Pinterest. How do I know? Because this is exactly the service provided for our clients as well as increasing their online presence through social media posting on their behalf.

Respect the Process
Trying to stay on top of everything without support can sometimes be chaotic and seriously detrimental to your productivity and your brand. It can lead to lack of focus, stress and anxiety.
A Virtual Executive Assistant can assess your needs and develop process that work for you to ensure you and your business are working more effectively. This is not process for process sake but making sure you have systems that support your consistency. This means you will have a better result for your clients. Processes can be used for creating text, proposals, emails, organising your paperwork, your finances and expenses. For social media, it can be setting up automatic processes or ensuring your digital presence is duplicated across multiple platforms.

Take control
Having a VA available to respond to simple questions, organise meetings and monitor your diary takes away pressure from you and frees up your valuable time. It also demonstrates to clients that you are professional, you have a team supporting you and your business. Clients who receive calls from your virtual PA will experience exactly the level of professionalism you want them to receive.
Having a VA means you are always available to your clients. Although this may appear to make the business seem less personable, it also positions you ahead of any conversation or meeting, you are in control of your valuable time and you’re not driven by client’s priorities or conflicting demands.
If you are busy, a Virtual Executive Assistant can relieve pressure by monitoring your leads, your clients and queries to ensure you capture all your potential clients.Make a Difference
You can’t help but be professional and reliable always.

Relationship matters
Getting clients is one thing, keeping them is whole other skill. When you’re on your own or your team is small, you often find yourself struggling to stay in touch. Working on developing new business whilst maintaining effective client support can lead to burnout as you try to juggle too demands at once.
A professional Virtual Executive Assistant can help you manage your client support function well, leaving you to focus on the tasks that help grow your business. A VA will make sure there are no gaps in customer service, no missed opportunities, no missed calls or emails. A VA will make sure you are where you need to be and you have everything you need.
Having a flexible freelance VA means you have the benefits of a strong consistent reliable working relationship for you and your clients but at the fraction of the cost of hiring staff.
Make a difference, find one person to help you achieve more. Get in touch today.





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